The chef at Pizza in the Skye has extensive experience cooking pizzas in Italy with the main influence from Tuscany and a touch from Rome.

Here we aim for a balanced marriage between the Italian principles of cooking and the realities of the Scottish customers tastes.
The Italian kitchen focuses on simplicity and quality of ingredients with the digestion being an important part of the meal which is why the pizza dough is made specifically to be left for 24hrs to 'prove' and complete the fermentation process so that it's final rise when being cooked in the oven leaves it light, crispy and aerated inside.

An under proven dough, made just a few hours before being cooked typically offered by less experienced takeaways hasn't had the chance to complete its fermentation and might continue the fermentation process within the stomach, leading to a bloated and gassy feeling.

With regards to the Scottish aspect, we allow our patrons to choose their custom toppings to match their Scottish tastes. However, we don’t compromise the values of the true Italian pizza by ensuring the range of toppings on offer are selected from the best ingredients available.